Madison, Wisconsin Launches Fundraising Campaign For ‘Center For Black Excellence’

Madison, WI has launched a fundraising campaign for its Center for Black Excellence and Culture. The project, headed by Black community organizers and led by CEO and Founder, Dr. Alex Gee, aims to create a space that focuses on empowering the Black community. 

So far, the group has raised more than $5 million for the center which will include a coworking space, theater, and recordia studio. “Madison’s Black community has rallied together in a way we’ve never seen before, setting in motion an initiative that is a true reflection of its voice for the key opportunities and experiences that must be developed to support the broad spectrum of opportunities that the Black community needs to thrive. Even in these early stages, we are already witnessing the power of The Center, which is leveraging Blacck talent to create a space that makes the region feel like a true home to the Black community,” said Dr. Gee. 

The center has garnered donations from over 300 Black donors with even more to come and is set to open in 2023. “The Center isn’t a program. It is a solution, and a Black-designed solution that will use cultural expression, history, innovation and leadership development to inoculate ourselves against the stress and cultural isolation that’s killing us and our aspiration. We members of the Black community stand in solidarity to say, ‘We need this now.’ This is our moment. This is a transformational moment,” Gee said.  

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