‘In Living Color’ Producer Donates Show Archive to National Comedy Center

Tamara Rawitt, co-creator of In Living Color, has donated the serie’s archives to National Comedy Center in Jamestown, New York. The archives of the Emmy-winning show include prop lists, writer’s notes, set drawings and scripts. 

“I’m thrilled to donate this one-of-a-kind In Living Color collection to the National Comedy Center, where it will live to tell the story of the show’s creation,” Rawitt says. “I’m elated to know that future generations will be able to see these materials and learn how we brought this series to life despite creative and censorship issues. Together with the incredibly talented cast and writers, we imagined a new voice in sketch comedy, found a broad audience who connected with our work and charted a course for change in the TV industry’s approach to real representation, not to mention winning an Emmy in our first season.”

Journey Gunderson, Executive Director of the National Comedy Center recognizes In Living Color as a “landmark series that revolutionized comedy by showcasing these important creative materials, production notes and artifacts, we continue to fulfill the Comedy Center’s mission of celebrating comedy as an art form and preserving its heritage for generations to come.”

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