DEI Program Advocates ‘Holistic’ Art

The Motion Picture Association launched a DEI program in 2012 headed by John Gibson, the VP of multicultural affairs who has worked with partners to see that there is diversity in front of and behind the camera. 

“Movies were always important to me. They were inspirational, aspirational escapism when things weren’t great,” Gibson tells Variety. “But in movies and TV shows about my city, I didn’t see my community. And if I did, I didn’t see the diversity within the Black American experience.” 

“If you look at all the corporations that made statements about Black Lives Matter, only 20-30% have actually followed through on those commitments. That’s reactionary; you have to do the transformative work. It takes time, but you have to have a true commitment to it.” 

“I understand not seeing your community properly reflected,” Gibson says. “When telling authentic stories, everything isn’t going to be pretty, but you balance it. So for every story and show about Chicago’s South Side, you will have the ‘Hidden Figures’ that gives a holistic view of communities.”

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