Company Turns Non-Recyclable Plastic Into Building Blocks

LA-based startup ByFusion is on a mission to address the global pollution crisis by turning plastic waste into construction-grade building materials. Americans alone create 42 million tons of waste but only 9% gets recycled while the majority goes into oceans and landfills. The company has a goal to recycle 100 million tons of plastic by 2030 using their patented process to create ByBlocks. 

“It’s only steam and compression, we don’t sort, we don’t clean, we literally just take the plastic waste, throw it in the machine, make a block and stick it in a wall,” CEO and founder Heidi Kujawa said. “We really view ourselves as a waste infrastructure company that’s able to keep up with the infrastructure demands of the city that includes anything from parks and rec to the department of transportation and other major supporting services for the community.”

ByFusion has partnered with local governments, companies, and communities around the country to improve their recycling infrastructures by implementing their blocker systems. So far the company has recycled 103 tons of plastic and has a goal to sell their system to every city in the U.S.

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